The Winners are ...


  • “On-the-fly” freight dimensioning - Cargometer
  • ETV 216i - Jungheinrich AG
  • Virtual Reality Simulator - The Raymond Corporation
  • Automated tugger train with LTX 50 & automated load handling - Still GmbH
  • TX3 3-wheel counterbalance truck - UniCarriers Europe
  • ProGlove - Workaround GmbH


Thunderous applause in the Vienna Hofburg on April 26, 2019: The winners of the International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year Award, or IFOY AWARD for short, were announced at a festive award night in the former Habsburg residence. Representatives of the intralogistics providers Cargometer, Jungheinrich, ProGlove, The Raymond Corporation, Still and UniCarriers Europe each received a trophy in front of more than 600 international guests from business, politics, science and the media. The 29 jurors had nominated 15 solutions and devices in six categories for the seventh round of the worldwide intralogistics competition and voted on the winners after a three-part audit. 

The results in detail: In the category Intralogistics Software, a Viennese company won the trophy, much to the delight of the local guests. Cargometer GmbH was awarded for its On-the-fly Freight Dimensioning. 

For the most innovative product in the Warehouse Truck category, a German manufacturer was honored: Jungheinrich AG. The Hamburg company received a trophy for its reach truck ETV 216i. The warehouse truck is the world's first reach truck with a fully integrated lithium-ion battery.

The US industrial truck specialist The Raymond Corporation was nominated for the IFOY final for the first time. The Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator was the first trophy in the Special of the Year category for the Toyota subsidiary. With the help of virtual reality glasses, forklift drivers can be trained and tested on a real Raymond forklift truck. 

In the category AGV & Intralogistics Robot the Still GmbH collected an IFOY AWARD. The Hamburg-based company was awarded for its tugger train with an LTX50 tugger and automatic loading and unloading. 

The industrial truck supplier UniCarriers EuropeAB was awarded for the most innovative counter balanced truck in the Counter Balanced Truck category. The manufacturer entered the race with the TX 3 3-wheel with a load capacity of 1.6 tonnes. 

The IFOY AWARD in the category Startup of the Yearwas won by a Munich company: ProGlove (Workaround GmbH). The young company was awarded for its intelligent glove of the same name for scanning barcodes and 2D codes.


Intralogistics Software: Cargometer, “On-the-fly Freight Dimensioning”

Cargometer “On-the-fly” freight dimensioning

The IFOY AWARD 2019 in the category “Intralogistics Software” goes to the Viennese company Cargometer GmbH for “On-the-fly Freight Dimensioning”, a tool for freight dimensioning on moving forklifts. 

Intralogistics Software of the Year 2019

The decisive factor for the jury's decision was not only the good market relevance of the completely new solution for forklift trucks, but also the high customer benefit due to the exact calculation of freight rates and the possibilities for optimising loading space in trucks. The optimisation of the general cargo network also makes a contribution to sustainable management. 

“Technologically, time-of-flight cameras and measured value determination are known from other industries, but also from applications in logistics. In the market for forklift trucks, a solution for load measurement on a moving industrial truck is new and innovative, especially when considering the large area in the format of a loading gate and a possible transit speed of up to ten kilometers per hour. The correct tariff classification according to the freight measurement can lead to an additional turnover of up to five percent. In addition, online recording of the cargo dimensions creates the prerequisite for better utilization of the cargo space. This is a benefit for the shipper, the carrier and the environment,” the jury explained.

Cargometer's software is a solution for 3D object measurement that can record the load on the load handling device of a moving industrial truck as it passes by and convert this image data into measurement results. The volume is determined using two cameras, which are attached to a hall door or a separate portal. Weight analysis in the forks completes the performance spectrum. With an additional camera, 2D codes can be read and seamlessly digitally processed. The tool offers even well-organized companies the opportunity to increase their earnings through correct rate determination and the improvement of their processes. 

All measured and weighed values are visible in the cargo cockpit. After each measurement, it is displayed whether the pallets are mixed or sorted. Photos and videos are also available of every load that has passed through the measuring gate. The information collected can be used for a variety of purposes, such as training and customer information. 

The system is suitable for loads measuring 1.50 x 1.50 x 2.00 metres. A special XL variant measures loads up to 1.80 x 2.00 x 2.40 metres. In this case, the deviation of +/- three centimetres in the volume determination is slightly bigger. A powerful server is sufficient to process data from up to five dock doors.



Warehouse Truck: Jungheinrich, ETV 216i

Jungheinrich ETV 216i

The IFOY AWARD 2019 in the category "Warehouse Truck" goes to the ETV 216i, the latest flagship of the reach truck series of the Hamburg-based Jungheinrich AG. 

Warehouse Truck of the Year 2019

The decisive factor for the jury's decision was the outstanding customer benefit. The ETV 216i is the world's first reach truck with a fully integrated lithium-ion battery. It not only scores with its performance, but also opens up completely new possibilities in terms of vehicle design.

“The ETV 261i, which for the first time uses a custom-made lithium-ion battery, heralds a new generation of reach trucks. The new development goes far beyond a simple battery change and makes a fundamental change of the equipment possible by the constructive integration of the new battery. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and smaller than lead-acid batteries, which has made it possible to rethink the device in terms of its centre of gravity and thus dynamic stability. The newly developed counterweight and a lighter upper cabin construction improve stability, especially when the load-bearing capacity is utilised at high lifting heights. The result is a compact machine with numerous improvements in terms of ergonomics, performance and safety,” emphasizes the jury in its statement.

The IFOY Audit assesses the ETV 216i with integrated lithium-ion battery and a load capacity of 1.6 tons as highly effective when it comes to safe storage and retrieval of goods and the provision of pallets for order picking. With lifting heights of up to 10.7 metres and a compact design, the reach truck is much more agile than conventional reach trucks in narrow aisles. Fast lifting and lowering means that considerably more pallets can be handled per hour than with conventional vehicles. The fast and intermediate loading capability enables flexible use, even in multi-shift operation. The charging time of the battery is also very short: It is fully charged in just 80 minutes.

The space-saving battery configuration is a great benefit for the cabin, which is very spacious. This advantage is not only noticeable to the operator in additional legroom, but above all in the seat. The traditional narrow seat of a reach truck has been replaced by a full forklift seat, including a fully adjustable armrest. This springs together with the seat. Thanks to the concealed battery, the cab on the mast side could also be made low, which significantly improves the driver's visibility. Thanks to the electric steering, the ETV 216i is very stable. In the IFOY Test, the reach truck could even take fast activities without any problems. 

The ETV also scores in terms of energy savings and sustainability: Thanks to lithium-ion technology, braking energy can be almost completely reused, and the service life of the battery increases significantly.


Special of the Year: The Raymond Corporation, Raymond VR Simulator

Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator

The IFOY AWARD 2019 in the category “Special of the Year” goes to the American forklift truck specialist The Raymond Corporation for the Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator for training forklift drivers. 

Special of the Year 2019

The decisive factor for the jury's decision was not only the realistic visual display of the working environment, but also the simple and safe application of the system as well as the data, which is generated for individual training adaptation of the forklift drivers. 

“The novelty of the simulator is that the driver's operating environment is an ordinary Raymond industrial truck. The advantage is that a company does not have to invest in equipment. The big advantage for the drivers: The environment is realistically displayed and the training on the equipment is safe in contrast to real training in the warehouse. In addition, the Raymond simulator offers the possibility of generating valuable data during the training sessions, which can be used both to optimise individual driving behaviour and to plan manpower,” the jury explained. 

The Raymond Virtual Reality Simulator was specially developed to train employees in the use of forklift trucks and to check and improve their level of qualification. Ultimately, the aim is to increase the driver´s productivity. The tool will be used on an existing Raymond forklift and connected to the company's patent-pending sPort (Simulation Port) to create a realistic learning environment for the operator.

Under the guidance of a certified trainer, drivers undergo a series of standardized training sessions in a virtual environment, familiarizing them with the controls of the forklift truck.

The simulation kit is currently available for six Raymond forklift truck models. During the IFOY TEST DAYS, the solutions for the high-lift order pickers and reach trucks of the American Toyota subsidiary were presented. Nine standardized training modules are available for order pickers. A reach truck driver can be tested with 23 different modules.

According to the IFOY Innovation Check, the Raymond VR simulator provides a detailed picture of user performance. The performance is analyzed directly on site. With the help of the collected data, the system generates a standardized report. It helps to assess the operator's skills and to identify opportunities for improvement. 

In addition, the system is extremely easy to use in practice. After putting on a headset with VR glasses, which is also suitable for spectacle wearers, the driver can start immediately.


AGV & Intralogistics Robot: Still, tugger train with LTX50 tugger & automated loading and unloading

STILL Automated tugger train with LTX 50 & automated load handling

The IFOY AWARD 2019 in the category “AGV & Intralogistics Robot” goes to the Hamburg-based Still GmbH for its tugger train with LTX50 tugger and automatic loading and unloading. 

AGV & Intralogistics Robot of the Year 2019

Decisive for the jury's decision was the high customer benefit, the scalability and the security of the inexpensive industry 4.0 solution by Still. 

“Automatic tugger are known as technology twinnings of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), although they are not yet very widespread. So far, the use has only been worthwhile for long distances from material storage to production. In this combination, the system idea of automated load transfer and automated driving is an innovation that brings additional benefits to production supply in an evolutionary way and yet still allows the traffic-reducing idea of consolidated transports. The system is characterised by its simplicity and relatively low investment costs,” said the jury.

Automated systems with manual load transfer have not opened up the full cost-saving potential of tugger train systems. The IFOY Innovation Check also judges that the intelligently designed system paves the way for the next generation of fully automated tugger train systems.

The standard LTX 50 electric tugger with a maximum tractive force of 5,000 kilograms is equipped with innovative automation components. The most striking feature is the automation sheet attached to the front of the device, which integrates all necessary components such as laser navigation, WLAN, programmable logic controllers and two scanners. A KION Option Box, or KOB for short, enables simple communication with the vehicle's control unit.

The automated loading and unloading stations do not require their own power supply. The roller conveyors at the stops are driven by the tugger train's trailers, which are equipped with 24-volt contacts for this purpose. As soon as the trailer is in the correct position, contact is made with the stopping station and the conveyor begins to rotate. Photocells enable communication between the trailers and the stationary roller conveyors. This significantly increases the flexibility of the solution. 

Because Still has automated load handling, heavier loads can now also be moved with the tugger train. Whereas the weight of the load was previously limited to around 500 kilograms, loads weighing 1,200 kilograms per trailer can now be transported.

Another advantage is that the automated version of the complete train is very safe thanks to the PLC control and the sensors in the automation sheet. In addition, LED lights in the arc indicate when activities are being carried out by the combination.

The solution is ideal for the supply and disposal of production lines or other repetitive activities. Integrated process automation increases reliability and safety, while transport and handling become more economical. The solution is particularly practical because the decentralized load transfer stations do not require their own power supply.


Counter Balanced Truck: UniCarriers Europe, TX 3 3-wheel

UniCarriers TX3 3-wheel counterbalance truck

The IFOY AWARD 2019 in the category “Counter Balanced Truck” goes to the TX 3 3-wheel from UniCarriers Europe. The international jury selected the electric counterbalanced truck from the TX series with a load capacity of 1,600 kilograms as the best new release of the year. 

Counter Balanced Truck of the Year 2019

The jury's decision was based on the practical combination of improved ergonomics, good visibility, low energy consumption and a comfortable all-electric steering system. 

“The most important innovation is the free-swinging armrest, which is available either with a mini steering wheel familiar from the reach truck segment or with a normal steering wheel. It ensures a better posture. In addition, the truck scores with the ProVision concept, which provides a better 360-degree panoramic view. Among other things, the slanted roof edge, the low dashboard and the two side windows, which are unique on the market, provide an excellent view from the cabin. Customers can also look forward to low energy consumption. This makes it an extremely economical electric counterbalanced truck on the market,” the jury explained. 

With the new TX series, the manufacturer offers its customers a multifunctional truck model series for indoor and outdoor use. The three- and four-wheel electric counter balanced trucks with capacities from 1.3 to 2.0 tons and a lifting height of up to 4.75 meters are suitable for various multi-purpose applications and all industries. The TX3 test truck also comes with a comprehensive range of features, including a weight indicator and an overload warning.

Another highlight: The Stability Support System monitors the driving safety of the truck. The feature measures steering angle, load and speed to ensure vehicle stability. In addition, the Dynamic Cornering Control tool automatically reduces the speed when cornering, which gives the driver a good feeling of safety even during heavy everyday work. The new all-electric parking brake also increases operational safety. It is applied automatically when the truck stops and allows the truck to stop on a ramp and to restart continuously with a simple restart function. 

In the IFOY Test, the TX3-16 with 48V/625Ah battery was slightly above the market average in terms of energy consumption, but needed less energy than its predecessor. According to the IFOY Test, the better values are partly due to the electric steering and the improved energy recovery.


Startup of the Year: ProGlove, ProGlove

Workaround ProGlove

The IFOY AWARD 2019 in the category "Startup of the Year" goes to the young Munich company ProGlove (Workaround GmbH) for its intelligent glove of the same name for scanning barcodes and 2D codes. The IFOY AWARD in the category “Startup of the Year” was presented for the first time in 2019.

Startup of the Year 2019

The jury's decision was based on both the innovative implementation of the scanner and its performance. At the same time, users benefit from more efficient work thanks to a high degree of unhindered movement of their hands. 

“Technologically, the principle of the scanner with sighting and a camera has been known for some time. However, the miniaturized implementation in a robust housing in the size of a matchbox is outstanding. The unhindered gripping ability of the user is an important prerequisite for efficient work in order picking. This is achieved in an ergonomic way with the glove for scanner application. The greatest benefit of the innovation for the user is noticeably higher productivity,” emphasizes the jury.

ProGlove has developed an intelligent glove that replaces a conventional hand scanner and makes work in production or intralogistics faster, safer and more ergonomic. The principle is simple: A compact scanner can be attached to the glove with a simple click system. The combination allows both barcodes and 2D codes to be scanned immediately. A decisive advantage is that the operator has both hands free at all times. In the IFOY Test, the system managed a fast and uncomplicated scanning process. 

The manufacturer offers a wide range of gloves for every taste, in different sizes and for scanning with the left or right hand. The scan button is also available in several versions. Thus for example versions can be selected, with which the scanning is made by the fact that the thumb presses against the index finger or the fingertips against the palm of the hand. The user receives a direct feedback of each scanning process via LED lights integrated in the scanner. 

Users also have the advantage that they do not have to wear the glove of colleagues after a finished shift: The ProGlove can be separated from the scanner with a single click. Each employee can thus be equipped with his own glove set. The company does not have to purchase scanners for each shift. A further advantage of the click system: The battery in the scanner can be quickly charged. One battery charge is sufficient for the operation of up to two shifts (5,000 scans).

Compared to a scan pistol, the glove system saves four seconds per scan process. The manufacturer has meanwhile further developed the scanner, which has been available on the market since 2016. Among other things, the scanning distance has been increased. On average, codes can be read up to a distance of around two meters. Depending on the size of the code, even greater distances are no problem for the mini-scanner.

The startup focuses primarily on customers from the manufacturing and logistics sectors. The market potential in the manufacturing industry is large with around 300 million employees. The IFOY Innovation Check also gives the scan glove a high market relevance.