IFOY Categories 
Intralogistics Products and Solutions


The mission of the IFOY AWARD is to identify and recognise the year's best intralogistisc equipment and intralogistics solutions as well as engage in activities in order to assess outstanding technical and strategic achievements in intralogistics as well as generate stimuli for innovation.

The IFOY AWARD is presented in up to twelve categories. The categories represent a theoretical selection and are for orientation. They are not necessarily carried out every year. The IFOY organization decides, in consideration of the technical specifications and after consultation, if and for which category a vehicle/solution is nominated. Applicants can also assign a ranking of possible categories during the application process. 

The IFOY organization decides whether a presentation before the jury is required at the Test Tays.


1. Counter Balanced Truck

Counter balanced trucks of all classes.


2. Heavy Load Forklift

Container stackers, heavy-duty forklifts over 8 tons.


3. Special Vehicle

Forklifts and vehicles for special tasks, special vehicle manufacturing, drones, cargo bicycles, truck-mounted forklifts.


4. Warehouse Truck "highlifter"

Materials handling equipment from the 2nd shelving level, such as high-bay trucks, VNA trucks or reach trucks, pedestrian-controlled highlift trucks, order-picking trucks, etc.


5. Warehouse Truck "lowlifter"

Materials handling equipment up to 1st shelving level, such as pedestrian-controlled lowlift trucks, lift trucks, tow tractors, tugger trains, order-picking trucks, etc<.


6. Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV / AMR)

Shuttle (systems), driverless transport systems, automated/partially automated materials handling equipment in the context of the application options.


7. Robot

Robots or robot-based solutions for intralogistic applications (picking robots, palletizing and depalletizing robots, cobots, robots for automatic unloading and loading of trucks, etc.).


8. Intralogistics Software

Apps and intralogistics system or software solutions in the context of the application options, such as warehouse management systems, truck guidance systems, advanced driver assistance systems, fleet management systems, etc.


9. Integrated Warehouse Solution

A warehouse concept that has been successfully realized at the customer’s location.


10. Special of the Year

Components or technical equipment that significantly improve economics or environment, the physical or psychological conditions of the user, such as ergonomic innovations, safety assistant solutions, automation solutions, drive technology, warehouse aids, forklift attachments, etc.


11. Crane and Lifting Appliance

Cranes for various applications, like bridge and gantry cranes, wall travelling cranes, jib cranes, overhead monorail cranes, light cranes, etc.
Lifting appliances like chain hoists and rope hoists, winches, magnet lifters, vacuum lifters, lifting platforms and mobile elevating work platforms etc.


12. Start-up of the Year

Intralogistic software, products, vehicles or components of newly founded companies.


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