Register Application IFOY 2022

For an IFOY application you need individual access data for the login. If you want to apply for more trucks or solutions, please fill in an own registration form for each truck or solution.

You will be sent the updated price list of nomination fees following registration and the access data for the application portal in a few days.

Potential entrants will be sent the access data for the entrant portal free of charge. Before you can save your entry data and are officially registered for the competition, you must accept the Conditions of Participation on the IFOY entrant portal and enter and confirm all the required data. Only then will the processing fee become due.

The application phase ends on October 30, 2021.

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Entry Data

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Counter Balanced Truck up to 3.5 t
Counter Balanced Truck from 3.5 t
Heavy Load Forklift
Special Vehicle
Warehouse Truck “highlifter“
Warehouse Truck “lowlifter“
Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
Intralogistics Software
Integrated Warehouse Solution
Special of the Year
Crane and Lifting Appliance
Startup of the Year
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