IFOY AWARD 2017: TORsten is the AGV of the Year

  • International jury of trade journalists chooses modular TORsten as the winner in the category "Automated Guided Vehicle".
  • Gerhard Gerritzen, Messe München, presents the IFOY trophy.
  • Colourful IFOY Award ceremony at BMW World in Munich during the transport logistic.

Munich, May 9, 2017.   The IFOY Award 2017 in the category "Automated Guided Vehicle" goes to TORsten from Torwegge GmbH Co. KG in Bielefeld. The international jury chose the modular drive unit as the best AGV of the year.

The winner was a well-kept secret up to the last moment. Last Tuesday, the name was revealed at the IFOY Award Night at BMW World in Munich, when Gerhard Gerritzen, Deputy Managing Director, Messe München, presented the metal and glass trophy to the delighted recipients.

IFOY Award – AGV of the Year 2017

The decisive factor for the jury was the high quality of the technical components together with the wide spectrum of potential applications. “The decentral intelligence concept and the use of innovative technology in TORsten significantly extend the options for automation in intralogistics”, according to the IFOY Test. Thanks to the separation of AGV and means of transport as well as the wide-ranging design options of the load carrier, the Innovation Check identified a high customer benefit and excellent market relevance.

TORsten is a flexible AGV concept developed by Torwegge in close cooperation with SEW and Aachen University. It uses different load carriers that can be fitted with shelves or containers to meet customer specifications. TORsten drives under the platform and, depending on the version, can move loads of up to 7.5 tons and lift loads of up to three tons.  Depending on the design of the load carrier, automatic transfer of objects such as pallets is also possible. 

The most striking feature of TORsten is its omnidirectional drive unit from SEW Eurodrive. It enables the vehicle to manoeuvre safely where space is confined, and even rotate around its own axis. Fitters can simply rotate the component part rather than walk around it.

Another innovative feature is the autonomous navigation concept of TORsten. The software was developed in cooperation with Aachen University and is based on Adaptive Monte Carlo Localisation. This tried and tested technology is not only reliable but also allows for accurate real-time position detection as well as flexible routing and local collision prevention. TORsten automatically detects obstacles and identifies the shortest alternative route in real time. Route planning is based on a 2D layout of the working environment, which is loaded through the graphic software interface or through autonomously self-learning algorithms. In contrast to transport vehicles guided along an inductive loop, there is therefore no need for additional construction work or reprogramming when the working environment of the TORsten changes. 

In addition, the AGVs communicate with each other and can take the parameters for priorities, the shortest routes and optimum utilisation into consideration.

The AGV uses both acoustic and optical (LED) signals to inform its environment when an order is begun or completed. In addition, an integrated speech module supports text-to-speech, which means that voice commands can be forwarded to the user via the system. Safety scanners supplied by Sick ensure safe operation.

Lead-crystal batteries ensure that TORsten can operate for at least one shift without having to be recharged. Charging of the batteries is inductive or via contacts. 

The winners of the IFOY Award are selected once a year by an independent jury of leading international trade journalists. A neutral test and a scientific "innovation check" form the basis for assessment by the jury. Both test series compare the finalists with their respective competitors. Since 2013, the IFOY Award has become established as a benchmark for cost efficiency and innovation. Due to the specialised expertise it represents, it is seen as the most important innovation award in intralogistics. The sponsor of the IFOY Award, which enjoys the patronage of the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, is the VDMA Materials Handling and Logistics Systems Sector Association. Partners are Deutsche Messe with the leading international CeMAT trade fair for intralogistics in Hannover and the Munich fair with the transport logistic, bauma and IFAT events. IFOY pallet partner is CHEP, the global market leader in pallet pooling, IFOY technology partner is battery charging specialist Fronius.


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TORsten, Torwegge

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Tugger train with automatic loading and unloading, Still



The International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY AWARD) recognises the year's best materials handling equipment and intralogistics solutions. The aim of the organisation is to document the performance capability and innovative drive of the materials handling and intralogistics sector, helping to boost competitiveness and raise the profile of the entire intralogistics sector in the public arena. The winners of the IFOY Award are selected once a year by an independent jury of international trade journalists. The sponsor of the IFOY Award is the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Sector Association. The IFOY partners are Deutsche Messe with the leading international CeMAT trade fair for intralogistics in Hannover, and the Messe München trade fair company in Munich with the "transport logistic", bauma and IFAT fairs. The IFOY pallet partner is CHEP, the global market leader in pallet pooling, The IFOY technology partner is the battery charging specialist Fronius. The patron of the IFOY Award is the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The headquarters of the IFOY Organisation are in Ismaning near Munich.


Members of the jury: Vladimir Antonov, Editor-in-Chief of Sklad i Technika, (Russia), Snejina Badjeva, Editor-in-Chief LOGISTIKA magazine (Bulgaria), Dave Blanchard, Editorial Director Material Handling & Logistics/IndustryWeek (USA), Theo Egberts, IFOY tester and owner Buro Andersom/Andersom Testing (Netherlands, without voting rights), Harald Ehren, Editor-in-Chief Deutsche Logistik-Zeitung (DVZ) (Germany), Thilo Jörgl, Editor-in-Chief LOGISTIK HEUTE (Germany), Anders Karlsson, Editor-in-Chief Transport & Logistik iDag (Sweden), Klaus Koch, Editor-in-Chief Logistik&Fördertechnik, Handel Heute (Switzerland), Erik Kruisselbrink, Editor-in-Chief Logistiek Totaal (Netherlands), Allan Leibowitz, Editor-in-Chief forkliftaction.com (Australia), Valeria Lima de Azevedo Nammur, Publisher LOGWEB Magazin (Brazil), Øyvind Ludt, Editor-in-Chief Moderne Transport (Norway), Peter MacLeod, Editor-in-Chief SHD Magazine (United Kingdom), Bernd Maienschein, Editor-in-Chief MM Logistik (Germany), Marilena Matei, Editorial Manager Tranzit and Tranzit Logistica (Romania), Anton Mizunov, Editor-in-Chief Skladskoj Komplex (Logistics and Transport)(Russia), Maurizio Peruzzi, Editor-in-Chief Il Giornale della Logistica (Italy), Isabel Rodrigo, Editor-in-Chief Logística Profesional (Spain), Hans-Joachim Schlobach, Publisher-Editor and Editor-in-Chief BUSINESS+LOGISTIC (Austria), Sascha Schmel, Managing Director VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Sector Association (without voting rights), Sabine Schulz-Rohde, Editor-in-Chief Beschaffung aktuell (Germany), Sebastian Śliwieński, Editor-in-Chief Warehouse Monitor (Poland), Jarlath Sweeney, Editor-in-Chief Fleet Transport (Ireland), Mats Udikas, Editor-in-Chief Transportnytt (Sweden). Executive Jury Chairperson is Anita Würmser, logistics journalist and Managing Director of wuermser.communications.


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